Dark Sun: The Tyrant of Tyr

Broken Chains

Stories from the fight for the Tablelands

The Adventure Begins

The party began their adventure after returning from the desert near Mira’s Halo. After stopping at Hondo’s, the party settled down in the bar, shared stories, and engaged in drinking contests. However, all of this excitement would soon turn to fear.

Marshal Drax and a small army of mercenaries invaded Mira’s Halo. They took 30 people hostage, including the adventuring party, and killed many of the small village’s citizens. Drax was transporting all of the slaves and prized animals to Tyr, but in the middle of the night Drax was killed, the supplies were destroyed, and the mercenaries fled the area.

After the adventurers awoke, they made the discovery that the cage that once held a dire lion was empty, and the hole was much smaller than a dire lion. The party found a note on Drax, that they could not read, and took the remaining supplies before convincing other slaves there were no materials to be shared.

While getting to Tyr, The group found a Oasis. At this Oasis, the party discovered a mysterious bow hidden in the false bottom of a backpack. After resupplying, they made the final leg of the journey to Tyr. At the gate Vok convinced the sentries they were in fact Drax and the new group of slaves. The party then discovered the paper they have is a form of requisition for “human capital” for House Vordon. The merchant house is trying to gain more slaves to sell to the city’s gladiatorial arena before the festival coming up in dedication to the sorcerer king Kalak.

Once they entered Tyr, the party took refuge at the Golden Inix Inn. Here they recovered their wounds before their next encounter…..


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