Athesian cuisine

Meat and Protein

Meat Skewers – Meat is a staple in the diet of those who live in the Tyr region. A skewer of baazrag, erdlu, jankx, kip, or z’tal meat served with a small hunk of unleavened bread is daily fare. cost: 2 bits (one skewer and a hunk of bread)

Steaks – For the more wealthy, a juicy mekillot or inix steak can make an excellent meal.
cost: 3-5 cp (one steak)

Meat Delicacies – Mouth-watering, rarely offered meats include cloud ray and cha’thrang. These meats are very expensive, a treat reserved for the nobility.
cost: 3-10 sp (one steak)

Erdlu Eggs – The eggs of the large, flightless erdlus are a common food in the Tyr region.
cost: 1 cp (one egg)

Agafari nuts – These are edible nuts from the agafari trees of the crescent forest.
cost: 1 cp (one lb)

Fruits and Vegetables

Grall Fruit – The bulbous fruit of the grall cactus has a strong, bitter taste.
cost: 2 bits (one fruit)

Faro Fruit – The faro tree produces fruit once in a decade and each piece of the delicious, sweet fruit is worth almost as much as the tree itself.
cost: 10-20 sp (one fruit)

Geja Fruit – A soft-skinned fruit which is only ripe for a few days per year. When ripe, geja is extremely sweet and delicate. When dried, it retains much of the sweetness.
cost: 5 cp ripe or 1 bit dried (one fruit)

Welela Gourd – Long and thin, welela gourds are prickly on the outside, but the inside is very sweet and contains a great deal of moisture.
cost: 3 bits (one gourd)

Scuppernong Berries – Rough skinned berries.
cost: 1 bit (handful)

Bulis Berries – These berries have a thick, hairy, brown skin that makes them very difficult to peel. They have a small, sweet, purple center.
cost: 1 bit (handful)

N’ku’ru’ma – The finger-sized n’ku’ru’ma pods take on a slightly sweet flavor when roasted over an open fire.
cost: 3 bits (4-5 pods)

Oleracea – The dull yellow leaves of the oleracea plant can be eaten raw or cooked and served with meals. They are flavorless, but quite nutritious.
cost: 3 bits (2-3 leaves)

Neep – An orange root vegetable. It has a very bland flavor and is often served mixed with other foods rather than by itself.
cost: 2 bits (each)

Breads and Grains

Bread – A common bread is made with grains, faro flour, water, and kank honey. The small, sweet, unleaved loaves are sold in a bundle.
cost: 2 bits (bundle)



Broy – A mead made from fermented kank nectar. It is sometimes spiced and other times left unspiced.
cost: 2 bits (one mug)

Water-Broy – A watered down broy, which helps to slake one’s thirst a bit more than thicker, sweeter broy.
cost: 1 bit (one mug)

Blue Cactus Ale – This cheap, heavy ale is made from the fruit of the grall cactus.
cost: 1 bit (one mug)

Beer – Common beer made from fermented grains.
cost: 1 cp (one gallon)

Scuppernong – Thick, bitter, and silvery-colored, scuppernong is the favored drink among elves.
cost: 1 cp (one jug)

Bulis Wine – Made from from fermented bulis berries, bulis wine has a bluish-purple color. It is rather inexpensive and is mainly purchased by the working class Athasians.
cost: 1 cp (one jug)

Asticles Wine – This tart, dry wine is favored among the nobility. It a very fine drink and as such is very expensive.
cost: 8 sp (one bottle)


Water – While water is definitely a commodity on Athas, it is quite common in the cities and is available for little or no cost.
cost: free or 1 bit (one cupful)

Kank Honey – This sweet liquid is produced in globules on the abdomen of the large insects.
cost: 1 cp (cupful)

Filtered Jalath’gak-blood Nectar – Another sweet nectar.
cost: 3 cp (cupful)

Kola Tea – Made from kola nuts which are ground into a fine powder and then steeped in water. Kola tea is a tasty beverage which stimulates the mind and wards off sleep.
cost: 3 bits (one mug)

Snacks, Arena Concessions

Red Cactus Grubs – These are usually consumed by slaves or indentured servants. Some pop the heads off first, others eat them whole.
cost: 1-2 bits (4-5 grubs)

Sun Dried Kip – Sold in dried strips, kip-meat jerky is rather tasty.
cost: 2-3 bits (3 strips)

Renks – Harmless, tasteless slugs that store water inside their bodies. Each holds approximately 1/2 cup of water.
cost: 1 bit (5 renks)

Sun Dried Jankx – Similar to kip, although a bit tastier and usually slightly more expensive.
cost: 3-5 bits (3 strips)

Athesian cuisine

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