Beasts of Burden

mounts.jpg Athasians have domesticated a variety of mounts. The most common are presented below. More unusual steeds, such as giant ants, spiders, drakes, and wyverns can be found, but not easily or cheaply.


A crodlu is a large, flightless drake with a beak and weak, clawed forelimbs than can be used to manipulate small objects. It is a tough and aggressive hunter in the wild. When trained, it makes an excellent war mount.

•Size: Large
•Speed: 8
•Speed per Day: 40 miles
•Normal Load: 190 lbs.
•Heavy Load: 380 lbs.
•Push/Drag: 950 lbs.


Kanks are docile insects that form hives. Each member of the group has a role: food producer, soldier, or the brood queen. The kank soldier can be trained for riding and battle.

•Size: Large
•Speed: 8
•Speed per Day: 40 miles
•Normal Load: 180 lbs.
•Heavy Load: 360 lbs.
•Push/Drag: 900 lbs.


These massive creatures serve as draft animals given their tremendous pulling strength. They are aggressive, however, and have been known to turn on handlers.

•Size: Huge
•Speed: 7
•Speed per Day: 35 miles
•Normal Load: 260 lbs.
•Heavy Load: 500 lbs.
•Push/Drag: 1,300 lbs.


An inix, also called a dune behemoth, is a long, low-slung reptile with bony plates on its back. It is strong and spirited. An inix rarely eats anything as large as a humanoid, but it does not shy away from a fight.

•Size: Large
•Speed: 6
•Speed per Day: 30 miles
•Normal Load: 220 lbs.
•Heavy Load: 440 lbs.
•Push/Drag: 1,100 lbs.

Beasts of Burden

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