Dark Sun: The Tyrant of Tyr


The gang investigates a mystery

After entering Tyr, the party found refuge at a speakeasy known as The Golden Inix Inn. Since Vox knew the proprietor, it was easy for the party to use the location, and it’s psionicly isolated underbar, as a temporary command post.

As the party rested, Krik’Ka’Shk went out to investigate the sounds created by a seemingly mundane centipede. After helping rescue an elf from certain death at the hands of the templars, the party discovered they were being hunted by a cilops, a psionic insect used as a tracker by the sorcerer kings of the table lands.

After the party laid low for a while, they followed up on their writ from the body of Marshal Drax and made their way to the merchants of House Vordon. Upon meeting the patriarch of the house, Thaxos Vordon, the party became informed further on the economic issue plaguing the once powerful merchants. They were then tasked with finding a way to Under Tyr and discerning what the Templar were doing with the massive qualities of new slaves.

After acquiring a map through a little bit of assassination, the party had wiped out one Templar and started their journey underground…


GeneralSean GeneralSean

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