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Dark Sun: The Tyrant of Tyr

“For thousands of years, the Tablelands have remained untouched: its politics frozen in a delicate stalemate,its life in a balance even more delicate. It is true that the Dragon Kings amused themselves with their petty wars, rattling sabers to punctuate the passing of ages. It is true that, occasionally, another city would be swallowed by the wastes.

There were no surprises. The Dragon Kings steered everything from their omnipotent perches, content in their superiority, but ever thirsting for challenge. All that has changed. The Tablelands have been thrown into turmoil, the likes of which have not been seen since times forgotten. The Dragon Kings have been thrown into confusion, grasping for the tedium they so recently lamented.

And yet I fear the worst is yet to come. Change is in the air, and change has never come gently to Athas.”

From A History of the Desert Age by Oronis, Sorcerer‐King of Kurn

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