Mira's Halo

miras.jpgMira’s Halo is a merchant outpost owned by House Qual, one of House Vordon’s new competitors. The outpost is used in the iron trade between Tyr and Urik. The settlement has a relatively small permanent population of 150. Most of these people are in charge of logistics along the trade route, but a few manage the local businesses that cater to travelers moving between Tyr and Urik.

During major trading seasons, upwards of 1000 people could be in Mira’s Halo at any given time. While most caravan drivers choose to lover costs by sleeping outside the outpost and only taking water from the area well when necessary, some inns and bars exist to serve nobles and workers alike.

In the north side of the outpost is The Golden Star, a pleasure house known for its posh accommodations and expensive courtesans. the west side of the village has a tavern called Hando’s Rest. The bar is known for its inexpensive accommodations, good food, and strong ale. It is managed by a human named Hando and his half-elf daughter Sadia.

The name of the outpost comes from an unusual rock formation nearby. Although it does not completely surround the outpost it does provide some cover for the patrolling sell swords employed by House Qual.

Mira's Halo

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