tyr1.jpgPopulation: 15,000 (70% humans, 10% dwarves, 9% half‐giants, 6% muls, 3% elves, 1% half‐elves, 1% other)

Exports: Iron, silk

Languages: Common, Dwarven, Elven, Tyrian

Located in a fertile valley in the foothills of the Ringing Mountains. Tyr is one of the major cities of the Tablelands. It is ruled by one of the regions sorcerer‐kings, King Kalak. Kalak rules Tyr with a fist as strong as the iron the city is known for. This rule has earned him the nickname The Tyrant of Tyr throughout the region.

The city is home to many markets and places of interest. The most prominent features of the city are The Golden Tower and the Great Ziggurat. High Templar Tithian oversees the proceedings that occur at The Golden Tower’s High Bureau, the center of Tyr’s government. The Ziggurat was completed in honor of the great leader and is set to be dedicated by the end of the month with a series of gladiatorial contests.

Trade moves through the gates of the city and business ends up conducted throughout the city. Tyr is one of the regions only sources of raw iron. The merchants also have a monopoly on silk and purple dye. Trade House Vordon is the major commerce source for the city, but recent regulations from the city have started to push it into bankruptcy. One of the major centers for trading is the Shadow Square Elven Market. Although it is in an area frequented by non-humans, it remains one of the few places to acquire all manner of goods.


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